Lyon conference on comparative Law: “Developing a commercial activity abroad”


guerreroacosta abogados abogados was invited to a technical conference in Comparative Law as a law firm specialised in Spanish business.Miguel Guerrero ha realizado una presentación sobre los aspectos jurídicos más importantes en derecho español de la contratación de comerciales, ya sea bajo la figura del agente comercial, la del representante de comercio, o la del comercial asalariado.

Miguel Guerrero’s intervention under the title développer une activité commerciale en Espagne followed the contribution of the specialised lawyers from France and Italy.

The conference was held in Lyon, France on 12 September 2013 and was organised by the law firm Delsol Avocats, in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Lyon and the European Commercial School of Lyon (ECE). Solicitors from several other countries were present (France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands).

LThe conference was mainly oriented towards law professionals specialised in cross-border issues, law students and international trade bodies.