Spain, the fourth largest market in the Eurozone, has highly dynamic companies which are becoming increasingly internationalised. Spain represents a strong interest for international investors, both in its domestic market and in its ability to intervene in other markets where it enjoys a privileged position, such as North Africa and Latin America.

We provide legal advice on all areas of business law in Spain, mainly to international groups settled in this market.

We specialise in the sale and purchase of companies to international groups, and in stakes in capital transactions of international investors in Spanish companies.

We assist our clients in the legal management of their Spanish companies (legal corporate secretariat, transactions on capital, adaptation of articles of association, etc.), and in relationships between partners or shareholders (shareholder agreements, joint venture protocols, etc.).

We advise on real estate transactions in the Spanish market, either in active transactions, promotions or leasing.

We have extensive experience in drafting commercial contracts, especially distribution contracts, franchise and commercial agency.

Most of the clients we advise on Spanish law are international groups, mainly from French-speaking countries and Europe.

All our lawyers have legal training in Spanish law and are members of Spanish bars.