Morocco enjoys great stability, and among North African countries, it has considerable appeal due to its level of development, its proximity to Europe and its openness to foreign investment.

The number of overseas companies investing and trading in Morocco has greatly increased over the last few years, turning it into the preferred destination for private investment of many European countries, especially for French and Spanish companies.

Morocco is interesting not only because of its own market, which presents strong perspectives of growth, but also because of its ability to host investment destined to the production of goods and services for export to European markets.

We advise companies wishing to invest in or develop projects in Morocco on the different areas of Moroccan business law:

  • Incorporation of Moroccan companies and recurrent legal corporate advice
  • Transactions on capital of Moroccan companies, and other corporate transactions
  • Agreements with local partners
  • Sale and purchase transactions of Moroccan companies
  • Transactions involving stake in capital, investment (venture capital and private equity), or disinvestment
  • Tax advice and exchange control in Morocco
  • Advice on Moroccan social law
  • Tender agreements with public administration or public entities
  • Distribution, franchise and commercial agency contracts
  • Hotel management contracts and leasing of hotels
  • Property transactions in Morocco

Since we established our office in Casablanca our firm has participated in and continues to contribute to the development of business and investments in Morocco.

We have local partners who offer complementary services to ours, such as administration, accounting and auditing.